The energy and CO2 diagnostic software platform

The EASEE project was born from the ambition to simplify the construction of energy transition strategies. Its objective is to facilitate energy transition by making an affordable energy transition platform available to as many people as possible.

Combining digital technologies and business expertise, EASEE is aimed at all energy experts and all energy, maintenance and environment managers.

Expertise énergétique

Designed for companies and public authorities, EASEE is a web-based platform for carrying out energy audits. Our solution is versatile, scientifically rigorous and accessible to all! If we are to accelerate the energy transition, we need to increase our capacity to generate reliable and affordable action plans.

Whether you are an energy expert or a not, EASEE gives you access to valuable knowledge in this field.

EASEE is the fruit of a challenge set by Delpower, a company that has been active for 10 years in the field of energy audits for industry and non-residential buildings. Its experts wanted to solve the problems they encountered daily in the practice of their profession. Challenge met!

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Our energy audit software integrates different modules to manage your transition !

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This module enables the carrying out of energy assessments in compliance with current regulations (IPMVP, ISO 50001, ISO 50006, ISO 50015, etc.).

From this, it is possible to obtain an energy model capable of calculating relative and absolute gains in primary energy, in euros and in CO2.

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2. The ENERGY PLAN module

In addition, this module offers the possibility of constructing improvement pathways (energy & financial) to achieve objectives.

It is then possible to define a roadmap and an investment plan for your organisation’s energy transition.

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3. The DASHBOARD module

View key graphic representations and results in one place. This is a valuable reporting feature. It enables management to remain easily informed about the evolution of KPIs.

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4. The MONITORING module

This module allows you to follow the evolution of your consumptions in real time. It is possible to monitor consumptions of different energy vectors (electricity, gas, oil, PV, etc.), utilities (steam, compressed air, hot water, etc.), water, air quality, etc. It is possible to generate alerts to warn you when certain thresholds are exceeded (high and low).

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5. The ENTITIES module

This allows you to manage multiple sites and consolidate results. This makes it possible to have a consolidated view of the energy transition of several sites or buildings. This module is thus particularly useful for multi-site companies, public authorities, federations, etc. EASEE provides an accurate view of the achievement of multi-site objectives.

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6. The IMPORT/EXPORT module

Importing and exporting your data is possible. Importing is a popular function when it comes to integrating history. While exporting enables you to generate an Excel file integrating all your data, graphs and tables. This saves valuable time in writing your reports.

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7. The DOCUMENT module

This first module facilitates the collection and sharing of documents between users. In this way, all the energy information is centralized in the platform. No more lengthy, repetitive email exchanges! Document management becomes much easier.

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EASEE : Energy Audit Software for Experts & Executives

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EASEE simplifies the definition and deployment of your energy transition!

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A seamless user experience

EASEE has been designed by a team of IT and energy experts to ensure a seamless user experience. It offers the perfect balance between scientific rigour and ease of use.

EASEE is above all a powerful simulation tool. With EASEE, you can carry out energy audits that comply with current regulations.

EASEE is multi-tasking energy audit software. Sharing information, carrying out energy assessments, energy consumption analysis (ECA), drawing up action plans, developing investment strategies, multi-site consolidation, etc.

EASEE, la plateforme de transition énergétique