Energy audits for large companies and large consumers in Brussels.

The Brussels region requires an energy audit every 4 years for large companies and large consumers when applying for an environmental permit.

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Which companies are affected by the mandatory energy audit in Brussels?

The Brussels Region requires an energy audit:

  • For large companies. This means companies with more than 250 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) OR with a turnover of more than €50 million and an annual balance sheet of more than €43 million.
  • For large consumers when applying for an environmental permit.

What is the content of this audit?

The energy audit report is produced following several visits to the facility by an approved auditor. It must follow a particular framework depending on the methodology chosen (building, process or mixed). The report lists all potential improvement measures. These measures are described in terms of:

  • Investment and operation costs,
  • Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • The resulting financial gains,
  • Return on investment periods without and with bonus,
  • And also in terms of the reliability of the results.

Potential improvement measures that are deemed to be cost-effective then form the action plan. The cost-effectiveness of the measures is defined by a simple payback time:

  • Less than 5 years for building and mixed audits,
  • Less than 3 years for process audits.

In agreement with the operator or large company, the auditor selects certain measures from the list of all measures identified by the audit, with the aim of achieving the energy saving target.

What are the obligations related to this energy audit?

Operators applying for an environmental permit, or the large company, have four years to:

  • Either implement all selected improvement measures (medium target),
  • Or achieve the savings target.

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Thanks to approved methods and business protocols, you can carry out large company energy audits in accordance with the requirements of Brussels Environment.

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